Concepts are all that are needed for hypothesis.

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The logic is that mass is solely determined by how differing particle configurations are effected by gravity. I disagree with you on this point, because I think it is circular reasoning – gravity is the result of energy, and energy is defined due to its interaction with gravity ? This is like the chicken-and-egg scenario – which one came first ? Of course you can say a particle’s mass is determined by how it interacts with gravity ( after all the only way to measure mass is via gravitational forces ), but that would not explain why different particles have different masses, and, more importantly why their masses are exactly the values we observe them to be. Originally Posted by forrest noble BTW — Thanks for your long posting and time spent.

No model could make such predictions if it were quantitative alone. One of these predictions is that particle mass is not constant but varies concerning parts per million. It is just how the world works, and I will not be able to come along and explain everything with a simple mechanical model, and all the world of science will rejoice, throw away their supercomputers, and be able to calculate the outcome of their next scattering experiment by hand on an A4 page. Read More